Outside In

Outside In
20/10/2018 adamkhalifa
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I missed blog post last week due to heavy workload. My solo show, Outside In, is open for public viewing until 28 October, between
4pm -8pm.

Previous week
I had a piece of work stolen by someone within the studio. The artwork was on display approximately 4 hours before the opening night. A huge issue was made of this, by the Directors of studionAme and some of the artists within. Why this happened? we may never know. I am exhausted by this though. There have been many discussions about what may have happened, but a rumour I heard, was that I did my own PR stunt. The allegations are very hurtful, and I did not want to be at my own opening night. For people to think, I sabotaged my own event to gain some sort of traction was insane to learn. I had one hour to pick myself up because the show is not about one piece of work. I will never forget this difficult period.

This week
Again, I did not want to be at my own public viewing event. I have made a commitment with marketing partners, so the show must go on. The support I have received from Graeme and Ryte has been amazing. They have seen me in a dark place, and their words of encouragement has been awesome.

I have one more week to display my work, I am having another private view tomorrow. That makes it 4, now. Due to gallery size, I decided to stagger the guests over different days.

My own studio space has been emptied, and ready for the next resident.

There is so much to write about, including the work I have produced. Next time…


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