#002. Meridian Newspaper 2001

#002. Meridian Newspaper 2001
24/02/2019 adamkhalifa
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This project was inspired by 9/11 events in New York. I wanted to communicate in a visual way, the direct conflict between East and West. The information presented in this 22 sided Newspaper captures the thoughts and ideas of the opposing parties. It was important for me to stay neutral, so the content was driven by Amnesty International. The newspaper is in 2 sections. East V’s West, or order and chaos. Its up to you to decide who is right and/or wrong.

I read through approximately 30,000 words of 9/11 reports. My biggest challenge was to find a channel to encapsulate this information. The newspaper was suggested by my tutor at the time (Paul Wilson). The earliest version was created using Flip chart paper and printed through an A1 inkjet printer. The seam was put together using magic tape. I still have the first copy.

The newspaper was reprinted professionally in 2018.

There are no obvious changes I would have made. 9 months of data and preparation was dissected to visualisation.

The paper was exhibited in 2018 using Newspaper rods.

17 years later, I now have the opinion that the West is Chaos and East is Orderly. What I mean by this is West have no idea, plan to counter Terrorism. Whereas, the opposition have a direct agenda. Clear for us all to see and witness.




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