12/07/2019 adamkhalifa

As part of the funding project, Saima has completed 1 of 3. The Crochet workshops were held every Tuesday for 2 hours. The vision was to create something for the late Austin Jackson. Here are some images.

Studio Space
Just got my Google Nest hub delivered today. I am almost ready to move my PC into the office space. I just need to work out some time to fix the additional desks.

The What Cabin School Workshop has been finalised for 25 and 26 July and 1 and 2 of August. Both fall on Friday, I am really looking forward to working with 40 students.

Any other business
I will be doing the St Matthew’s Art show 2019 promotional push tomorrow. I have only received one piece of work from a local artist. I hope the 400 leaflets and the banner come good, and get some much needed attention.


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